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Entrepreneur And Founder of MYRLING


I commute to a job I don’t have a passion for anymore, I have worked a lot of years, focused on my career as an It-consultant. I have loved my job, but a couple of years ago I start feeling unfulfilled. I felt trapped in the office, too many hours of work, long days, commuting.

I started thinking,

  • Shall I do this 15 more years
  • Shall I Be employee, without any freedom
  • Not able to decide on my own days
  • Not able to travel around the world when I want
  • Not able to meet my children so much anymore, they now live far away from me

At that moment I started creating my dream

  • What if I got the money but have my freedom
  • What if put my effort on something for my own
  • Do something I love
  • What if I can just bring my laptop
  • And work from wherever I want, when I want.

And a matter of fact I’m now on my way to build my dream. One day when I was on the internet, I came across an ad, I listen to a man, Stuart, he offered me a free 7-day video series where I could get information about this unique community which offers an education in everything needed for building my own digital business.

When I listen to that Ad I felt -  Yes – this can be something for me, I felt it in my whole body.

I signed up for this free videos series. I got all the videos, one per day, and when I watched I knew that this was exactly what I have been looking for for a long time. So I became a member, and the truth is I didn’t get what I thought I should, I got so much more, I haven’t even dreamt about.

I realize now that I belong to a world unique community where I can build my own business, and Where I get everything I need for building it. I don’t just get the technical skills how to do this, I get a whole buffet of everything needed for my success.

  • I get Education in digital marketing
  • I get live sessions in all subjects around this, and where I can ask questions
  • I get tons of Recorded training sessions
  • I get coaching
  • And I get a whole community of like-minded and humbled people
  • Who wants to help me succeed
  • To help me get my freedom

I'm so glad I joined this, and now I AM on my way to get my freedom.


I am building up a business that I am able to run and build from a computer anywhere in the world. Be able to have the time and money freedom so that I am able to spend my life as I choose to. For me, freedom is the most important thing. No boss, alarm clock or chasing customers and budgets for someone else's business.

And most importantly, now I want to help many, many more, like you, to achieve the same goals as I do.


To help ourselves and as many other human beings as possible, live the life we choose to live off our own will. We are already born to this wonderful universe so let's make it a ride to remember.


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